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my week in objects, mostly

Inspired by Erin Boyles (here) weekly posts, which are some of my favourites, here are my week in objects (mostly)...

1. This Plant (& all of his prickly friends)

{For only costing £1.80 (reduced) and only needing a drop of water & an hour of sunlight to revive itself.}

2. These door knobs
{For replacing the old, retched looking, door knobs.)

3. These Magazines/Zines (Oh Comely & Negative Feedback)
{For giving me a few hours of escapism when life gets crazy.}

Other things:

  • taking Keira on her first beach walk since her operation
  • discovering how much easier it is to organise my time with iCal
  • managing to fend for myself for the past week, I actually managed to cook a meal every night
  • baths, specifically ones that involve Lush products

This post has come from a) wanting to photograph anything and everything while in a (slightly) restricting project, b) wanting to create more lifestyle and simple content, and c) because I just wanted to write it. Also, I brought the plant thinking he was past repair and thinking I could photograph him for my current project. I was wrong. He revived himself within two hours. Shows what a little tender loving care can do!

That's all for now, speak soon!


  1. Adore those doorknobs. I love it in markets when they have little baskets filled with gorgeous ornate doorknobs like those!
    Kate || www.katerattley.com

    1. They're so lovely. The only problem I have, is there are too many varieties and I'm too indecisive!