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Summer Inspiration List

It can be difficult to initially think of activities to do, especially while others are still in uni/college/work at the start of summer. If you Google or Pinterest search 'Summer to do lists', you'll get a list made for young American's. Making smores. Going to the cinema. Although some would be great ideas, many are weak and not something I would want to do. I have no interest in making smores or creating my own recipes at the moment. So here is my summer to-do list, although I plan on getting a summer job so it's not set in stone.

A list of things that you can do outside of the education system to keep your creative juices flowing:

  • Embroidery (self-embroidering shirts/decorations/etc),
  • Reading List,
  • Walking. Walk the town. Find a new route to walk the dog. Or allow the dog to choose the route,
  • Decorate a mug,
  • Yoga,
  • Try new foods,
  • Create a summer scrapbook/bullet journal,
  • Paint,
  • Work on a mini-summer photography project,
  • Tie dye,
  • Re-pot my plants,
  • Blog, Blog, Blog,
  • Go out for a coffee with Keira,
  • Visit an alternative city (not Exeter, Plymouth or Truro),
  • Make a dream catcher,
  • Make ice pops,
  • Go to the park,
  • Organise the domain,
  • Take a camera out with me,
  • Spontaneous,
  • Use the 120 pinhole camera,
  • Visit friends 

Don't put pressure on yourself to have 'the best summer ever', you'll be let down. Just let the summer happen naturally.

- K.B

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