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Summer Journal #1

As part of my summer 'to-do' list, I wanted to create a physical piece of memory from this summer. Even if it's just to track the books I read, or print some images off into. Naturally, it was on of the first tasks I started, because I want to be able to document the others in it.
I chose an old (faux)leather bound notebook, wrote down my summer reading list and tasks. From there I've documented what I've done on more exciting days, the books I've read, and images that inspire me.

I thought it would be nice to collect some of my favourite pages here, that way even if I rip the pages out and give up on the idea, I'll still have copies of them somewhere!

Summer Goals:

  • Embroidery (self-embroidering shirts/decorations/etc),
  • Reading List,
  • Walking. Walk the town. Find a new route to walk the dog. Or allow the dog to choose the route,
  • Decorate a mug,
  • Yoga,
  • Try new foods,
  • Create a summer scrapbook/bullet journal,
  • Paint,
  • Work on a mini-summer photography project,
  • Tie dye,
  • Re-pot my plants,
  • Blog, Blog, Blog,
  • Go out for a coffee with Keira,
  • Visit an alternative city (not Exeter, Plymouth or Truro),
  • Make a dream catcher,
  • Make ice pops,
  • Go to the park,
  • Organise the domain,
  • Take a camera out with me,
  • Spontaneous,
  • Use the 120 pinhole camera,
  • Visit friends 
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