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Summer Reading List

The summer, for me, is here!!
That means I can read... for fun, again. A strange mixture of books this summer, I'm mostly aiming to read all of the books that I've brought and not touched. Some I brought because they were popular, some I bought just because they were cheap in charity shops. I made a Goodreads goal at the start of the year to read 12 books (one a month), I've already read 10 so this should finish my goal and more!

I am currently around a third of the way through Spectacles - Sue Perkins, and finishing off the final book in the Harry Potter series (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)! I'm going to attempt to track how well I get through this list on here, though the other places to look would be Goodreads!

*All of the books have links to an Amazon page where you can easily buy them! Or do what I do and wait for them to appear cheaply in charity stores.

- K.B

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