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Walking #1

One of my summer goals, was to walk with the dog more. I walk her several times a day, but I take the same routes. We want to discover different routes and find new places that we can get to (by foot).  This also completes my goal of going for a coffee with Keira and letting her have a more relaxed pace.

Liberty Coffee is one of our favourite places to go in Launceston. They allow dogs and do milk alternatives, what more do I need? Keira loves going there, mostly so she can get unsuspecting customers to give her attention. On this day, we sat in the window seat on and sofas. I read my book and Keira sat beside the door so everybody would have to greet her. 

Afterwards, I took Keira down to Launceston Castle so she could have a run around and stretch her legs. It was really quiet when we went there, so she was able to run around undisturbed. The sun came out, so we quickly headed back into town to get Keira some water and begin the walk home again. 

Summer Goals:

  • Embroidery (self-embroidering shirts/decorations/etc),
  • Reading List,
  • Walking. Walk the town. Find a new route to walk the dog. Or allow the dog to choose the route,
  • Decorate a mug,
  • Yoga,
  • Try new foods,
  • Create a summer scrapbook/bullet journal,
  • Paint,
  • Work on a mini-summer photography project,
  • Tie dye,
  • Re-pot my plants,
  • Blog, Blog, Blog,
  • Go out for a coffee with Keira,
  • Visit an alternative city (not Exeter, Plymouth or Truro),
  • Make a dream catcher,
  • Make ice pops,
  • Go to the park,
  • Organise the domain,
  • Take a camera out with me,
  • Spontaneous,
  • Use the 120 pinhole camera,
  • Visit friends 
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