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currently listening to: podcasts

Podcasts are becoming ever popular, and I've jumped on the bandwagon and I'm not coming off anytime soon!
I'm not sure what podcast I initially listened to, but I've created a small collection of dedicated subscriptions. Mostly comedy/lifestyle and a few for over 18s (or just be cautious of explicit language). 

In no particular order, my current favourite podcasts... *drum roll*

1. Jules and Sarah The Podcast: Oh my goodness, this is one of my favourite podcasts to listen to! Jules and Sarah (follow her on Instagram here, her stories are brilliant) are hilarious. As individuals and as a duo. Pure giggles and nattering. One of my favourites to have on as 'extra noise' and to giggle along with while working away. A lot of food talk, parents, general anecdotes, and cheese. I recommend going back to the beginning and listening to some of the early ones, especially the one where they got drunk while recording a podcast... a hoot. At the time of writing this post, they have 105 podcasts for your ears to enjoy.

2. At Home With...: This appeals to my nosey personality. Two blogging beauties, The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles, explore the homes of beauty/fashion ladies of the moment. They haven't released very many, but they're are brilliant so far. I especially loved the one with Kate La Vie (perhaps one of my favourite online influencers of the moment); discussing her gorgeous interior design, kittens and her success in the 'blogging world'.

3. Ctrl Alt Delete: I don't listen to Emma Gannon's podcasts quite as thoroughly as some of the others, I tend to listen to the ones that a) I know the guest, b) other people I know have spoken about the episode. There are over 80 episodes live right now, for you to listen to. Emma talks to people of the moment, influencers, internet stars, etc, to discuss their experience of 'growing up online'. My favourites are; Sali Hughes, Victoria Magrath, Grace Victory, Scarlett Curtis, Estee Lalonde, Olivia Purvis, Sarah Powell, Zoella, and Dawn O'Porter.

4. My Dad Wrote A Porno: What it says on the tin. I don't want to say too much, I think the name says it all. But it's the funniest thing to listen while completing mundane tasks. Walk the dog, listen to this, you will walk along crying with laughter. Well, I did anyway. Currently, they're onto recording Season Three, so lots for you to listen to. Also, I recommend this for people over the consenting age, it is of a sexual nature (all in the name really).

5. Filler Podcast: This might've been the first podcast I ever listened to. Hosted by Harry Hitchens and Matt Shore, they sit down over a coffee with some of the biggest creatives. It's so interesting. They're brilliant hosts, digging for the answers and also discussing themselves with the guests. They've currently fully recorded two series, and I have no idea if any more are on their way. One of my favourites was with Rosa Parks, the Editor of Cereal Magazine (without a doubt in my top 3 favourite magazines).

- K.B


  1. I love all these podcasts! They are all so great to listen to. You should give The Debrief podcast a go, it's really informative and funny.

    Emma | Reverie de Paris

    1. I shall have to check it out! I'm always looking for more podcasts to listen to :)