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Mid-Year Reading Slump

I'm in a reading slump.

I read so much through May/June. 

I'm yet to finish a book in July. I've started multiple books, I've got half way through, and stopped reading them. 

I've wanted to read but when I've had the time (and logically I've had plenty of time for reading), I've just found something else to waste my time on. 

This has had an effect on how much I'm blogging too, I'm not reading any books to read about and it could get repetitive just doing summer book tags. 

In a desperate need to read again, because even though I wasn't reading - I wanted too! Here are my tips for getting out of a mid-year reading slump:

  1. Dedicate an hour into your daily diary to read. I find the best time to be when my family sits down to watch TV in the evening, I'll just bring my book down instead. 
  2. Stop checking GoodReads, you'll just feel guilty seeing all of the books everyone else has been reading. I thought it would inspire me. I was so wrong. I felt bad for not being able to update how much of a book I had read, or finishing a book in a day. 
  3. Along the lines of the previous tip, don't put pressure on yourself to read! Some days you just won't have time to pick up a book. 
  4. Make your first book back something short, so you can finish it quickly and feel good about getting back into reading. 
  5. Re-read a favourite book. (May I recommend Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - it's so easy to get into and there is something very comforting about reading a book from your 'youth'.)
What tips do you have to overcome a reading slump? Or do you have tips that stop you from going into a reading slump? I find that while I'm at uni or heading up to deadlines I don't read at all, but I don't feel guilty about not reading because I'm so busy!

- K.B

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