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Driving - Theory

Good news, the wimpiest driver (possibly this century) has FINALLY sat her theory test and passed! *round of applause* *standing ovation* Thank-you. Thank you.

As a driver who REALLY lacked confidence, I feel that I'm in a decent position to give some tips on a) getting into driving, and b) passing your theory. I'm yet to have my Practical Driving Test - although the date is booked and ever-looming (please send good vibes and keep your fingers crossed for me). 

First of all, find a driver you actually like! I had to change driver instructors because they didn't teach in a way that worked for me. They were a lovely person, but not the person who was meant to teach me to drive - which is fine. Ask for recommendations, even in small towns there are SO many instructors to choose between.

Second-ly, I would recommend having some lessons before you book your theory. That way you will know the bare basics of driving and will be able to picture the situations that get explained. Also, you'll be able to think about what you would do in that situation - as a driver. 

Third-ly, set a date. I set my test date to give myself a month of revision. I, also, chose to do my theory test over the summer break (that way I didn't have any other looming deadlines to stress over). My instructor recommended revising for it like any other exam, set a goal date and work towards it. Side note: you can put your test back, you might get a week before the exam and think you need more time - that's ok!

Fourth-ly, revise. I found that reading the book (here) and answering the questions allowed me to absorb most of the information. Then, about a week before the exam, I went online and started answering mock tests and working on my hazard awareness. I'm not sure if this is open to everyone, but I really recommend Theory Test Plus (here) - my instructor gave me a free login for it, see if yours will too! 

Fifth-ly, on the day of the exam, I was terrified! But I knew that one of my biggest struggles was hand signals and 'no stopping'/'no waiting' signs (constantly getting them mixed up), so in the morning I quickly re-read about them and had them fresh in my memory (they didn't come up in my tests though). 

What you need to bring: either you photographic driving license or paper driving license with your passport. You cannot take anything into the test room (except license and key) so you'll put everything into a locker - leave your watch in there too!

If you pass A-MAZING, if not REBOOK! 

I put a lot of pressure on myself to pass the first time. It had been a few years since I last sat an exam and everyone I had spoken to had said how easy the test will be for me. Which neither helped ease the pressure of possibly failing an exam. But, at the end of the test, there was only one question that I wasn't sure of an answer for. 

A small tip is to book your tests via the Gov.uk website, I've been told that other sites may charge booking fees! 
- K.B 


  1. Well done girl!! I nearly cried in my theory test so I know how hard it is! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your practical test!! xx

    1. Thank-you! I put SO much pressure on myself to pass first time, I do not help myself with the stress. xx